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EUROKA - A High Performance EURUSD Robot.

Due to the demand and requests for a Forex System, we have answered with a high performance trading system that uses good risk control and capital preservation. EURUSD spreads and costs remain liquid and cost effective to ensure system integrity and performance.

5-Year Backtest..Powerful Profitability in All Conditions....

Euroka EA demonstrates proven performance using the same settings over a long period using fixed Stop and Take profit orders. Euroka EA only trades one trade at a time, no multiple orders, no scaling, cost averaging or martingale tactics.


Taking a look at our 5 year historical test trading only a conservative 2% risk per trade,Euroka successfully took a €3k account to €43k in this time (2015-2020).


View Full backtest here: https://www.myfxbook.com/strategies/euroka-expert-advisor-2-risk/224964

















The Power of Compounding

Taking a look at our 5-year historical test trading 4% risk per trade,Euroka successfully took a €3k account to €330,000 in this timeframe.


View Full 4% Risk backtest here: https://www.myfxbook.com/strategies/euroka-expert-advisor-4-risk/224971


The powerful effect of profit compounding clearly demonstrating wealth building at its best, check out our video to see wealthbuidling in action.













What Euroka EA is....

  • A Powerful Hands MT4 Free Trading Machine for EURUSD

  • No Account Blow Up Trading Tactics deployed

  • Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit with Typically Single Position Trading

  • Can run on any broker with reasonable EURUSD spreads.

  • Can stand the test of time with long and powerful historical records

  • Trading the most liquid pair only - EURUSD

  • Low cost entry, can be used with accounts from €200.

  • A Long term wealth builder

  • Not curve fitted to one month of data, euroka trading logic works over and over again.

Trading Logic..The mechanics

Euroka works on the M30 Chart of the EURUSD pair. (30 Minute) timeframe. This means it takes trades on the 30 minute interval only. E.g 11:00, 12:30, 1:30 and so on. Euroka will open only 1 trade per 30 min bar, typically one position at a time, but possible to have 2 positions in strong downtrends, however this would be an exception over the rule.

The trading window is from 7 am UK time to 7 pm UK time, it will not open a position outside these hours, but may carry over a trade into late US time. Rarely does it hold into Asia session.

Euroka is a trend follower, means it does not use overbought/oversold condition to enter, it uses pro-trend momentum, always taking the side of the short term trend. Its driving logic is price action based, not indicator based. Euroka uses and seeks for extreme bars to take position which is confirmed by price action and movement. The calculation for extreme bars is made using ATR (Average true range) and Euroka seeks to find long bars outside nominal distribution. In other words, its looking for thrust in prices, momentum and trend to decide which trade to take.

Euroka has 2 modes of money management, fixed lot and % risk. With % risk feature client is sound in the fact that the lot size of the trade will move up or down as their account grows, or they make a withdrawal, the % risk feature will automatically set the correct lot size. There are also additional features such as trailing stop functions for experienced EA (expert advisor) users.

Live Performancehttps://www.myfxbook.com/members/AlnoTrade/euroka-wwwalnotradecom/5735455

Purchase: Cost for Euroka is €199 for ANNUAL LICENCE FOR 2 Live accounts in any broker. This includes all future updates, support and installation files with Trading Template. This gives you the Euroka robot and will run in any broker without restriction.


We offer a FULL 60-DAY money back guarantee, no questions asked should you discover its not for you​​

Thanks for looking!!

Matts Korsen


Whatsapp: +447555041451

EUROKA - Trade Example

The Euroka system took this trade on March 17th 2020 at noon Broker Time.


The EURUSD had established a 30 minute downtrend that begun around 08:30.


The 11:30 bar demonstrated decent price action with a full closing bear candle (close price at or near low). This triggered Euroka to take a short position which lasted around 1 hour.

Euroka continued to trade another short 2 trades on that particular day as the trend remained down and strong.

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