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A Portfolio of 3 GBPUSD EXPERTS.

3 Expert Advisors running Independently to provide a diversified and balanced trading

portfolio, referred to as PRO 1, 2 and 3.


#1 System: Sterling XP (PRO 1)

The first EA is SterlingXP, you can read all about it on the main product page.

#2: PRO 2

The second component is another 30 Min EA that uses 84/84 Take Profit and Stop

Loss. System runs an hour earlier than the Standard STERLING XP (PRO1).

#2: PRO 3

The final component is a 60 Min Chart EA that uses 72/88 Stop and Profit order.

System also runs an hour earlier than the Standard STERLING XP (PRO1).

The 3 EA running together will target >350 pips a month. The great success of the PRO is the ability for each system running as a separate unit giving the client system/strategy diversification and equity line smoothing.

5- year backtest ultimate test of endurance:

PRO 1: https://www.myfxbook.com/strategies/sterlingxp-expert-advisor-fixed-lot/226294

PRO 2:https://www.myfxbook.com/strategies/sterlingxp-pro-30-minute-90/230921

PRO 3: https://www.myfxbook.com/strategies/sterlingxp-pro-60-minute-90/230914

LIVE ACCOUNT MONITOR:​https://www.myfxbook.com/members/DaxBot/sterlingxp-pro-edition/5440377

Key Highlights: 

  • Over 4200% Gain Since 2015

  • Completely 100% Hands Free

  • Passes 5 Year Historical Backtest

  • Focus only on GBPUSD

  • Fixed Stop and Profit Levels

  • Does not Grid or Martingale

  • Works on any Broker with GBPUSD

  • Adaptable and Profitable in ALL Market Conditions

  • A Balanced Trading Suite

  • Run on your own PC or VPS

  • 5 Minutes Set-Up.


Key Trading Logic:

SterlingXP PRO works on the M30 Chart of the GBPUSD pair-  (30 Minute) & 1 HOUR Timeframe. This means it takes trades on the 30 minute interval only. E.g 11:00, 12:30, 1:30 and so on. It will open only 1 trade only at a time. In a strong down trend day (e.g. April 3rd 2020 it can open 3 or 4 trades in a day as the market keeps dropping, it will open and hit take profit, re-open again, hit TP and again).

The trading window is from 7/8 am UK time to 5 pm UK time, it will not open a position outside these hours, but may carry over a trade into late US time. Rarely does it hold into Asia session.

SterlingXP PRO is a short term trend follower, means it does not use overbought/oversold condition to enter, it uses pro-trend momentum, always taking the side of the short term trend. Its driving logic is price action based, not indicator based. SterlingXP PRO uses and seeks extreme deviant bars to take position which is confirmed by price action and movement. The calculation for extreme bars is made using ATR (Average true range) and SterlingXP PRO seeks to find long bars outside nominal distribution of prior bars. In other words, its looking for thrust in prices, momentum and trend to decide which trade to take.


Cost for SterlingXP PRO is €499 for ANNUAL LICENCE FOR 2 Live accounts in any broker. This includes all future updates, support and installation files with Trading Template. This gives you the SterlingXP  PRO EA suits and will run in any broker without restriction.


We offer a FULL 60-DAY money back guarantee, no questions asked should you discover its not for you.

BUY HERE: ​​​​​​



Open NEW Live account in one of the brokers below and fund with > €500. (€700 for ThinkForex) (account can be in any base currency). Once your account is open and funded, we will send you SterlingXP PRO that is licensed to that account.


**This must be NEW account in broker, existing accounts DO NOT count. IF you have already account in that broker, you must use another broker, or buy the Expert.***

VantageFX are currently offering 50% new account Bonus, see here: VANTAGE 50% BONUS OFFER.

Broker Choice: (Please contact us before opening to make sure your country residence suitability) 

Preferred Partner:

Vantagefx (Receive up to $250 new Account Bonus) - OPEN LIVE

Minimum: $500. Account Type: RAW MT4 ECN. 500:1 Leverage,

ThinkMarketsOPEN LIVE

Terms: Client must Fund at least $700.

Account Type: Mt4 Think Zero Account. 500:1 leverage.


Minimum: $500. MT4 STP Account. 500:1 Leverage

AdmiralMarkets OPEN LIVE

Minimum: $600. Admiral Zero MT4 Account. 500:1

BlackBull Markets (suitable for Canada Resident) - OPEN LIVE

Minimum: $500. Mt4.  Standard Account. 500:1 leverage.


Contact us when account is open and funded to receive SterlingXP PRO Expert and Install Guide.​​​​

Please note we do not offer demo copies of these EA, please do not ask. We offer an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee to address any customer buying concerns.

Thanks for looking!!

Matts Korsen


SterlingXP PRO Designer.

Whatsapp: +447555041451

Operational Running Mode:


Standard Settings: 3 Charts - 30M, 30M, 60M. 

Timeframe: Trading Hours 8am-5pm UK time on XP and 7am-5pm in PRO2 & 3.

Money Management: Client Can use Fixed Lot (e.g 0.1, 0.5), or % Risk of Account balance. E.g 2% Risk per trade will risk 2% of client funds in each trade and will move lot size up and down according to balance. (i.e Lot size increase with account growth and decrease automatically in case client makes withdrawal).

Key Metrics: Total Average Pips per Month:+360pips, 45 Trades Per month on average.

XPPRO clearly demonstrates long term survival in all market conditions. Whilst XP by itself is a tremendous system, the PRO version will spread the distribution of profit more evenly which promotes smaller month to month profit variability in the long run.

For example, in the event XP has a flat or loss month, PRO2 and PRO3 may very well have good months and allow all three units to work in synergy to supply the user with a complete portfolio.



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